First Care Provider

Replace fear with knowledge through First Care Provider training. 


  • Dispel myths of the 911 system and how it works
  • Learn life saving techniques for when seconds count
  • Empower yourself through situational awareness and your response to a potential threat or injury
  • Train in realistic scenarios with tourniquet application, wound management, airway management
  • Create a plan of action for yourself and loved ones of what to do after calling 911
  • Become an essential part of community resiliency
  • Become the one who can make the difference for your loved ones

This 4 hour training course is broken up with interactive lecture, hands on assessment techniques, tourniquet application, wound management, airway maneuvers, and chest seal application. Throughout this class there will be practical scenarios allowing each participant to make real-time decisions and apply newly learned life saving skills. Everyone registered will leave with a tourniquet and have the ability to become fully equipped for the moment you have to provide CARE. Hope to see you there!

First Care Provider class




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